Squishable / Comfort Food Banana Plush

  • 18 squishy inches of slapstick snack.
  • All new polyester fiber.
  • Ages 3 and up only.
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Squishable / Comfort Food Banana Plush
Squishable / Comfort Food Banana Plush

Bananas are funny! Since the days of Vaudeville, comedians’ legs have come flying out from under them following contact with this farcical fruit! But surely a star of the silent film era could have slipped on a squishy orange or stumbled over one of those stuffed grape leaves you get at a Greek restaurant, right? Wrong! Treats fit for treading may be numerous indeed, but they still lack the comedic chops of the Banana! Have you ever asked a mango to expound on the role of the absurd in Gogol’s humorous short works like this cuddly Banana can? Could a persimmon rock an open mic stand-up night at your local coffee shop? I doubt it!



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