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Mary Meyer’s Stuffed Animals and Push Toys!

Mary Meyer was a wonderful woman who spent time during the Great Depression sewing animal pin cushions that later evolved into plush toys. Now led by her grand sons, the May Meyer’s company continues to bring joy to children and babies across the world with a wide variety of stuffed animals and plush toys.

While the selection of stuffed animals and plush toys the Mary Meyers company is diverse some things each stuffed animal has in common are that each plush toy is made of high quality materials and love to ensure your child or baby is not just getting a stuffed animal, they are getting a friend for life!

From stuffed monkeys and elephants to stuffed pineapples and bears, A Mary Meyer’s stuffed animal, is the perfect  cuddle toy for your child or baby. Not only can they hug or tell their secrets to their new Mary Meyer’s stuffed animal, it can also inspire all sorts creativity and adventures into their imagination.

Order Your Mary Meyer’s Stuffed Animals Today

If a Mary Meyer’s store is not close to you, then don’t worry you can easily buy a Mary Meyers stuffed animal or plush toy today online. If your unhappy with your order, don’t worry each Mary Meyer’s plush toy comes with a standard 30 day return policy. Browse our selection or order your Mary Meyer’s stuffed animal today!