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ebba Stuffed Animals

Since 1981 ebba has been focusing on creating premium high-quality stuffed animals, however in those days ebba was operating under their parent name Aurora World. ebba is dedicated to creating new trendy stuffed animals, using innovative fabrics while trying to incorporate different forms of play features including sensory and imagination.

This helps ebba stuffed animals come to life with buttery-soft fabrics, super fine detailing, and exquisite trims. The love, warmth, and comfort put into each ebba stuffed animals is enough to create treasured memories for life. Plush toys like this are so important as these young ages.

Order Your ebba Stuffed Animals Today

ebba offers a wide selection of stuffed animals including stuffed bears, pigs, elephants, monkeys and much more in a wide variety of colors. While we are certain you will be happy with your ebba stuffed animal, if needed there is a 30 day return policy.  There is also multiple shipping options available. So what are you waiting for? Order your ebba stuffed animals today!